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North Idaho College • Coeur d'Alene • Natural Sciences • Chemistry

Prin/Gen/Coll/Chem I Lab CHEM-111L

  • Fall 2012
  • Sections 01, 02, 03, 04, 05
  • 0 Credits
  • 08/27/2012 to 12/20/2012
  • Modified 08/30/2012

Contact Information

D.   Marcy

S.   Johnson

Office:   MHS 228

Office:   MHS 225

Phone:   769-7706

Phone:   665-2756

Meeting Times







1:00- 3:50 pm




1:00- 3:50 pm




8:00 – 10:50 am




1:00- 3:50 pm




1:00- 3:50 pm




Laboratory Manual:      Chem. 111 Laboratory Manual, Marcy and Jeitler.

Calculator:       Calculator capable of performing logarithm computations.  Programmable calculators or computers are not allowed to be used during examinations or quizzes.



.  No one can pass the course without achieving a passing grade in the laboratory portion of the course (>60%).  The laboratory grade comprises 20% of the final grade for Chem 111.

2.  Most experiments will be preceded by a quiz which is based on the experiment to be performed that day.  These quizzes will comprise 10% of the laboratory grade.

3.  Unless stated otherwise, laboratory reports will be due at the end of the laboratory session.  Reports may be accepted late for one week at a penalty of up to 20%.

4.  All graded experimental work will be weighted equally in calculation of the final grade.  Laboratory reports not completed and turned in for evaluation will be averaged as 0%.

5.  Original data must be recorded in ink showing correct significant figures and proper units.  If instructed to do so, data may be collected in groups. 

6.  All calculations should be completed in pencil.  When requested in the experiments, the set-ups for the calculations must be shown including correct significant figures and proper units.  

Course Policies

Attendence Policy

1.  Students are expected to be present and on time for each laboratory session.  All personal electronic communication equipment and personal music entertainment equipment must be turned off while you are in the laboratory.

2.  If you cannot attend your scheduled laboratory section, with prior approval and space availability, you may attend another Chem 111 laboratory section.  If that is not possible, you may complete the experiment independently.  You must obtain permission from the instructor, arrange for supervision and give the storeroom manager 24 hours notice for the experiment.  Independent experiments are limited to once a semester per student.  Independent experiments must be completed within one week of the regularly scheduled time, unless arrangements are made with the instructor.

3.  All students who check into a laboratory locker must complete the check out procedure at the end of the semester.  Official withdrawal from the course does not eliminate this responsibility.  If you withdraw from the course early, you must contact the Chemical Storeroom Manager or your Instructor who will assist you in checking out of your locker.


Laboratory Safety Policy

Appropriate clothing and approved safety glasses are required at all times while working at the bench in the laboratory.  Safety procedures must be observed at all times.  Failure to comply constitutes grounds for dismissal from the laboratory.


Tentative Laboratory Schedule

Week of



Check   into Lab, Safety


Expt.   1  Nomenclature of Simple Inorganic   Compounds


Expt.   2  Separation of a Mixture


Expt.   3  Determination of the Empirical   Formula of a Compound


Expt.   4  Chemical Reactions and Equation   Writing


Expt.   5  Standardization of a Solution of a   Base


Expt.   6 Energy Content of Fuels


Expt.   7  Identification of an Unknown


Expt.   7  Identification of an Unknown


Expt.   8  Quantitative Analysis of an Unknown   Chloride Sample


Expt.   9  Determination of %KHP in an Unknown   Mixture


Expt.10 Lewis Structure of Molecules and VSEPR Theory


No   Lab- Thanksgiving Holiday


Expt.   11 Determination of R – The Gas-Law Constant


Expt.   12 Energy of Phase Changes


Check   out of Lab*

* Note: Friday 14 Dec is Curriculum Day.  Students in Section 05 will need to make arrangements with their instructor to check-out earlier in the week.  See Laboratory Policies.


Additional Items

Division Policies

Student Responsibility
As outlined in the Student Code of Conduct, all North Idaho College students have both rights and responsibilities.  Please access www.nic.ferpa.StudentCode/index.htm for complete information.  For a complete explanation of the NIC Statement on Academic Honesty & Academic Integrity, please refer to Policy/Procedure 5.06.01:

Academic Integrity

I.  Disruptive behavior in the class is not tolerated. To quote from the NIC “Student Code of Conduct,” Article II, (found in the Student Handbook): In order to carry out North Idaho College’s Mission and to create a community of learners, the students, faculty, staff, and administrators must share common principles or values.  These values, which include honesty, trust, fairness, respect, and responsibility, make up academic integrity.
II.  Academic Dishonesty.  Violations of academic integrity involve using or attempting to use any method that enables an individual to misrepresent the quality or integrity of his or her work at North Idaho College.  These violations include the following:

  1. Cheating - Using or attempting to use unauthorized materials, information, or study in any academic exercise.
  2. Fabrication - Falsifying or inventing any information or citation in an academic exercise.
  3. Plagiarism - Knowingly representing the words, ideas or work of another as one's own in an academic exercise.
  4. Violation of Intellectural Property - Stealing, altering, or destroying the academic work of other members of the community or the educational resources, materials, or official documents of the college.
  5. Facilitating Academic Dishonesty - Knowingly helping another to attempt to violate any provisions of this policy.

Our department strongly endorses the above code, believing that no learning can take place if a strong commitment to academic integrity is compromised.  Any unethical behavior, including any violation of academic integrity or instance of plagiarism, may result in a grade of zero for an assignment in question or failure of the course.

Institutional Policies

Student Code of Conduct

The Student Code of Conduct applies to any student enrolled at North Idaho College.  This includes, but is not limited to, face-to-face classes and Internet classes.

Student Responsibilities

As students undertake to fulfill the obligations and duties outlined in this document, the college community of which they are a part undertakes to respect the basic freedoms of students. In recognition of students’ rights and dignity as members of the college, North Idaho College is committed to the principles found in the NIC Student Handbook.

Center for Educational Access/Disability Support Services

In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 and Section 504/508 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, North Idaho College provides accommodations to eligible students who experience barriers in the educational setting due to learning, emotional / mental, physical, visual, or hearing disabilities.  Instructors will provide accommodations to students only after having received a Letter of Accommodation from the Center for Educational Access. 

If a student would like to request accommodations, he or she must contact the Center for Educational Access so that a Letter of Accommodation may be sent to the instructor.  Students requesting accommodations must contact the Center for Educational Access at the beginning of each semester.


By registering at North Idaho College, you agree to provide payment by the due dates. You also understand that collection costs and legal fees will be added if the services of a collection agency are utilized.

If you are registered for a class and do not attend, you will still be liable for the tuition unless you drop the class.


Last day for students to withdraw from semester-length classes:

Instructor-Initiated Withdrawal: Instructors have the right to withdraw students for academic reasons up until the same date; in doing so, instructors must notify students through NIC e-mail within 48 hours of submitting documentation to the Registrar's office, and students have the right to appeal the instructor's decision. For more information, see the NIC Procedure:

Financial Aid Satisfactory Progress Policy: All withdrawals, whether for individual classes, total withdrawal from school, or instructor-initiated are not considered to be satisfactory progress for financial aid.  See the Financial Aid Satisfactory Progress Policy:

Additional withdrawal information:


An incomplete is assigned only if the student has been in attendance and has done satisfactory work to within three weeks of the end of the semester (or proportional length of time for a course of less than a semester in length).  Incompletes are issued only in cases of extenuating circumstances, such as severe illness or injury.  Incompletes are not issued in cases in which the student is simply unable to complete his/her work within the specified semester or session.  If a final grade of "I" is recorded, the instructor will indicate in writing to the Registrar what the student must do to make up the deficiency.  The instructor will indicate in the written statement what permanent grade should be entered if the Incomplete is not removed by the deadline.

All incomplete grades must be removed within six weeks after the first class day of the following term, excluding the summer session.  If the Incomplete is not removed by that date, the grade reverts to the grade indicated by the instructor's written statement authorizing the incomplete.

Discrimination and Harassment

North Idaho College has a zero tolerance policy for any acts of discrimination or harassment of any kind.  For more information, please see the NIC Student Handbook, Code of Conduct Article III and Article VIII. Compliance efforts with respect to these laws and regulations are the responsibility of each member of the campus community and are under the direction of the Dean of Students Office for Student Issues (2nd floor, Edminster Student Union Building, (208) 676-7156) and the Human Resources Office (Sherman Administration Building, (208) 769-3304) for employee issues.

Institutional Statement

DROP FOR NON-PAYMENT:  By registering at North Idaho College, you agree to provide payment by the due dates. You will be dropped from classes if payment is not received by  5 p.m. Pacific Time on the third day of the semester. Students on the waitlist will be given the option to register for classes after students are dropped for non-payment.

REMOVAL FROM CLASS FOR NON-ATTENDANCE:  Attendance is based on your participation in this class. Failure to attend may result in your being removed from this class and may result in your financial aid award being reduced. You are responsible for confirming the accuracy of your attendance record.