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North Idaho College • Coeur d'Alene • Natural Sciences • Geology

Geology of Idaho and the Pacific Northwest GEOL-123

  • Fall 2012
  • Section 01
  • 4 Credits
  • 08/26/2012 to 12/21/2012
  • Modified 08/23/2012

Contact Information

Instructor: Mark D. McFaddan Ph.D.

Cell Phone:  208-512-2511

Faculty Finder:

School Closure Info:  Check NIC homepage


Geology 123 is the study of the geologic history of Idaho and the Pacific Northwest. It examines the development of existing geologic structures and rock types, focussing on the development and distribution of major topographic and scenic features. Included are field trips to areas of important mineral and gem occurrences. This course provides an appreciation for the development and distribution of geologic natural resources in the region. This course satisfies a laboratory science requirement for the A.S., A.A., and A.A.S. degrees. Lecture: 3 hours per week Recommended: Prior or concurrent enrollment in GEOL 101


TextbooksNorthwest Exposures by Alt & Hyndman; The Field Guide to Geology by David Lambert and the Diagram Group; Geology of the Pacific Northwest by Orr and Orr (optional)



Learning Outcomes

Assessment Measures

Describe, classify, and explain the origin and uses of various earth materials.

Test, written work, lab exercises

Identify the major geologic conditions conducive to development of the major natural resources occurring in the Pacific Northwest.

Test, written work, lab exercises

Describe the structure and composition of Earth from the inside out.

Test, written work, lab exercises

Give examples of landforms specific to the Pacific Northwest that are evidence of various geologic forces that shape the earth's surface and explain how those landforms were formed.

Test, written work, lab exercises


General education abilities emphasized in this course:


?        Historical, cultural, and global awareness

?        Communication

?        Information literacy

?        Critical/creative-thinking and problem solving



Week of                                             Lecture Topics


Aug    28             Course introduction, overview of geologic provinces in the Pacific Northwest, geologic time scale

Sept   4               Precambrian units and geologic history – Archean rocks

Sept  11              Precambrian units and geologic history – Proterozoic rocks

Sept  18              Precambrian units and geologic history – Proterozoic rocks

                                      (Exam #1:  Tuesday, September 18)

Sept  25              Paleozoic overview, fossilization types

Oct     2               Cambrian - Ordovician rocks and events

Oct     9               Silurian – Devonian rocks and events

Oct    16              Carboniferous rocks and events (Exam #2: Tuesday, October 16)

Oct     23              Permian - Triassic rocks  & events     

Oct    30               Mesozoic geology and tectonic history                            

Nov      6              Mesozoic geology and tectonic history

Nov     13              Cenozoic volcanism (Exam #3 on Tuesday, November 13)

Nov     20              IdahoBatholith & related intrusive events

                                    &Thanksgiving Break (NO LAB) 

Nov      27           Tertiary features and events

Dec       4            Tertiary regional features and events

Dec     11             Quaternary regional features & events (Exam #4: Tues., Dec. 11)

Dec     18              Finals Week - Final Exam exact time & date TBA

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