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Coeur d'Alene · Communication & Fine Arts · Fine Arts

North Idaho College Cardinal Chorale

  • Spring 2023
  • Section 100
  • 1 Credits
  • 01/09/2023 to 05/11/2023
  • Modified 01/11/2023

Contact Information

Instructor: Max Mendez

Office Hours

  • Tuesday, Thursday, 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM, BOS 125
  • Tuesday, Wednesday, 11:00 AM to 12:00 PM, Boswell 125

Meeting Times

Weekly Rehearsal

  • Tuesday, 7:00 PM to 10:00 PM, BOS 102

Additional rehearsals, dress rehearsals, and performances are located in the Schedule Section of this syllabus.


This course is North Idaho College's large vocal ensemble organized to perform standard and mixed choir arrangements. This course may be taken as an ensemble elective for music majors and it may be repeated for credit. Credit may be transferrable. Choir membership is open to college students and area residents.



No textbooks are required for this course. Music is provided and shall be marked in pencil only and returned in good condition. All materials must be returned in good condition. Students failing to comply will receive a grade of Incomplete.


Singers need to purchase a folder from for performing.

Singers need to bring a pencil to class.

It is recommended to bring a recording device to record sections of the rehearsal.

Water bottles are encouraged. No other food or drink will be allowed in the rehearsal room.

For the benefit of those with allergies, please do not wear perfume or cologne to rehearsals or performances.



All performers will wear all black at all performances unless otherwise indicated.


  • Black Slacks (NO DENIM)
  • Black Skirts (Hemline must be below the knee) (NO DENIM)
  • Black Dress (Short sleeves with hemline below the knee) (NO DENIM)
  • Black Button Dress Shirt (Long Sleeves with button cuffs)
  • Black Blouse (Short Sleeves with a modest neckline. No tank tops or plunging or deep necklines)
  • Black Dress Shoes (must be close-toed, no canvas or athletic shoes)
  • Black Socks or Hosiery.
  • Black Blazers or Vests are optional.

No open-toes shoes are allowed on the Schuler Performing Art Center stage.


Participants will demonstrate the ability to play or sing effectively and cohesively as part of their respective ensemble by:

  • using proper technique, including but not limited to breath, posture, diction and tone production,
  • reading pitch, rhythm, and music orthography,
  • expressing lyric meaning and the communicative value of music,
  • practicing expected choir or ensemble habits (eye contact with the conductor, respect for fellow musicians, prompt arrival, appropriate preparation, regular attendance, and appropriate attention/reflection at rehearsals),
  • participating in experiences that are characterized by musical excellence, and solidify musical skills and aesthetic expression that provides musical events which enhance the cultural life of the North Idaho College Community, the great North Idaho Community, and the broader NIC constituency, and
  • reflecting on how advancing their musical abilities and performing as part of a group  contributes to lifelong social, physical, and mental health benefits.



Types of evaluations and related weights
Type Weight Topic Notes
Attendence/Participation 80% Rehearsal/Performance Attendence

The most basic of requirements for this course is rehearsal and performance attendance. Singers (Students and Community members) are expected to attend rehearsals, arrive promptly, participate fully, work on their music, and make an overall meaningful contribution to the ensemble.

Singers are expected to stay focused through the entire rehearsal. Unnecessary talking and disturbances will not be tolerated. Remember, your commitment is not just to this class and the conductor; it is to each singer in this choir.

Caveats Singers will be required to stand in performance and rehearsals, except in cases where good reason can be shown. All music for performance must be memorized

Evaluation and Grading Scale

Grade # of Excused Absences
A 1-2
B 3-4
C 5
D 6
F more than 6

To properly excuse an absence you must notify me of your absence prior to rehearsal.

Absences may be excused for the following reasons: 
1. Illness or injury making singing impossible 
2. Family emergency 
3. Extremely severe weather making travel unsafe.
4. Pre-Arranged Situations

Attendance at all sound-checks, dress rehearsals and performances are necessary in order to pass the course.

Self-Reflection 20%

All of NIC Music Department Performance-based courses are now part of our Wellness GEMS option.  As such, a weekly self-reflection and end of semester reflection will be required of each student enrolled in the course.

The student, based on their own individual performance, group performance, and plan for improvement, will complete a weekly self-reflection.   A total of 9 self-reflections must be completed throughout the semester by the Friday of each week.

A final semester reflection will need to be completed each semester by curriculum day.


Each week you will have the chance to complete the Self-Reflection.  You will be asked 3 questions and this should take you no more than about 10-15 minutes to complete.   Each week's survey will be opened at the end of rehearsal on Tuesday and available for you to complete by the next Wednesday at Midnight.

Here is the link for the Self-Assessment

Course Policies

This course is delivered through rehearsal-based instruction. The course is open to NIC students for credit and to the community at large for pleasure and musical growth. Community members will be held to the same requirements and standards as students.


You will be asked to sing for the director at the first rehearsal in order to establish pitch matching abilities, musicianship level, and vocal range.

Behavior within rehearsals and performance will have bearing individual participation and overall grade.

Because of the valuable and limited rehearsal time, unnecessary talking, disruptions, cell phone use and texting (except on breaks) will not be tolerated. 


Semester Performance Schedule

Date Day Time Event Location Groups
Spring 2023          
Mar. 6, 2023 Monday 7:00-9:00PM Dress Rehearsal-Choral Kaleidoscope Concert SPAC

Cardinal Chorale

Mar. 7, 2023 Tuesday

6:30PM Call
7:30PM Perf.

Choral Kaleidoscope Concert SPAC 

Cardinal Chamber Orchestra

Cardinal Chorale

May 1, 2023 Monday 7:00-9:30PM Dress Rehearsal-Spring Celebrations Concert SPAC

Cardinal Chorale

May 2, 2023 Tuesday

6:30PM Call
7:30PM Perf.

Spring Celebrations Concert SPAC

Chamber Orchestra

Cardinal Chorale

May 10, 2023 Wednesday 7:00-8:30PM Dress Rehearsal SPAC

Wind Symphony

Cardinal Chorale

May 14, 2023 Sunday 1:00PM Call
2:00PM Perf.
Mother's Day in the Park  

Wind Symphony

Cardinal Chorale

Additional Items

North Idaho College is committed to its core theme of diversity, defined as a “learning environment that celebrates the uniqueness of all individuals and encourages cultural competency.” To support this value, the Diversity Council was formed to develop diversity initiatives campus-wide. The council works to foster a campus climate that is safe, inclusive, and equitable, as well as to provide support for diverse populations. For more information, contact Brian Seguin ([email protected]), Jo Lien ([email protected]), or Graydon Stanley ([email protected]).

Division Policies

Institutional Policies

Academic Dishonesty 
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  • Cheating: using or attempting to use unauthorized materials, information, or study in any academic exercise.
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  • Plagiarism: knowingly representing the words or ideas of another as one’s own in an academic exercise.
  • Violation of Intellectual Property: stealing, altering, or destroying the academic work of other members of the community or the educational resources, materials, or official documents of the college.
  • Facilitating Academic Dishonesty: knowingly helping another to attempt to violate any provisions of this policy.”

Violations of academic integrity may result in failure of an assignment, failure of the course, or more serious sanctions.

“For a complete explanation of the North Idaho College Statement on Academic Honesty & Academic Integrity please refer to Policy 5.06 & Procedure 5.06.01: 

Student Code of Conduct
The Student Code of Conduct applies to any student enrolled at North Idaho College.  This includes, but is not limited to, face-to-face classes and Internet classes.

NIC shall maintain a Student Code of Conduct that specifically addresses prohibited behavior and assures due process for alleged violations. The Code of Conduct shall make clear possible sanctions for such actions. Policy Manual (See 5.06)

Disability Support Services and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)
In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 and Section 504/508 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, North Idaho College provides accommodations to eligible students who experience barriers in the educational setting due to learning, emotional / mental, physical, visual, or hearing disabilities. Instructors will provide accommodations to students only after having received a Letter of Accommodation from Disability Support Services (DSS).

If a student would like to request accommodations, he or she must contact DSS so that a Letter of Accommodation may be sent to the instructor. Students requesting accommodations should contact DSS as early in the semester as possible to avoid delay of accommodation due to student load.  Accommodations are not retroactive. DSS provides academic accommodations, access, assistance and services at NIC and at the North Idaho Consortium of Higher Education campus.

Disability Support Services Website
(208) 769-5947

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Removal From Class For Non-Attendance 
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Your safety, health, well-being, and that of our faculty and staff are our primary concerns. Everyone is expected to abide by college measures to mitigate the risk of spreading COVID. Circumstances can change rapidly, which may require a change in the delivery method of courses, for example a move from face-to-face to hybrid or online. Continue to visit the North Idaho College COVID-19 webpage for the latest information.

Students experiencing symptoms related to COVID-19 or that have tested positive for COVID-19 should not attend class and should call Rapid-Trace to self-report: (813) 699-3551. If you were in close contact with a COVID-19 positive case, please call Rapid-Trace to self-report. Rapid-Trace will confidentially notify NIC on your behalf and assist with information and resources for effective self-quarantine, if applicable.  

Students in healthcare programs experiencing symptoms related to Covid-19 should not attend class and contact the Healthcare Programs Student COVID Response Team [email protected] for further guidance.

Students enrolled in programs associated with healthcare may have different requirements for masking in the lab and clinical settings.

COVID-19 Absences

As with any absence from class, students will need to communicate with professors directly to establish a plan for keeping pace with course material and submission of assignments during a quarantine period.

COVID-19 Student Resources

This is a challenging time to meet your academic goals. Please use the Student Resources for information and resources on basic needs such as housing, food, financial aid, and medical and mental health.

Please also visit the Access to Computers, Internet & E-Learning Support webpage for information on the technology and resources you will need to be successful. 

For general questions about technology, contact the IT Help Desk at [email protected] or 208.769.3280.

NIC leadership will continue to monitor CDC recommendations, engage in weekly discussions with Panhandle Health District, and track local indicators for changes in conditions that may lead to greater risk.